Saturday - September 21,2019

Telecom-Angola ventures should be investigated

Telecom-Angola ventures should be investigated

DTA president McHenry Venaani yesterday called on the President-elect Hage Geingob to call for a commission of inquiry into the missing millions Telecom Namibia has poured into various ventures, including its counterpart in Angola.
Speaking during a press conference held yesterday at the party's head office in Windhoek, Venaani said the government should investigate these ventures that have not brought forth any fruits.

Telecom Namibia reportedly invested over N$115 million over a period of five years since 2006 in a loss-making venture in Angola, the Mundo Startel, which is a telecommunications and information technology services provider.

The Namibian Sun reported that Telecom has also done the same thing in South Africa, with Neotel, hoping that more profits would come from these ventures but the investments have not been able to bring forth any profit.

Telecom Namibia's spokesperson Oiva Angula described Venaani's statements as politically motivated.

“As a matter of policy, we don't comment on political matters. Mr Venaani is clearly doing naked politics on the matter. He is however welcome, if his wish is granted. We do not have anything to hide about our dealings in Angola,” said Angula.

Phone calls and messages to the Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Joel Kaapanda, went unanswered.

Venaani also called for the education system, unemployment and the Electoral Act to be investigated.

“Billions are spent on education but where are the results?” said Venaani.

The Namibian yesterday reported that the education ministry receives N$13 billion from the Treasury but only 42,8% of grade 12 pupils have qualified for tertiary admission from the 44 000 students who sat for the Senior Secondary Certificate exams.

He said there should also be an improvement in the salary of parliamentarians, so that the opposition parties could be empowered.

Venaani accused the ruling party of being a recipient of foreign funding, especially that of the Chinese government, who then benefits from the relationship.